About Us

About Us

Baobab, in essence, is a SPECIALISED EVENT MANAGEMENT AGENCY, made up of a group of vibrant individuals, all geared towards achieving their client’s marketing and brand strategy needs, be it by designing special events, activating experiential marketing campaigns, or any activation- & logistics support required by the client’s respective creative-, public relations and social media teams.

“Taking your brand beyond the world of corporate and into the reality of the stakeholder’s lifestyle… and we’ll do this by any means necessary.”

Baobab ADVOCATES A MULTI-AGENCY APPROACH in the creation and implementation of campaigns, ensuring insight, relevance and creativity to ensure any activation is effective, measurable, in line with the overall marketing strategy, support the other communication platforms and is, most importantly, memorable.

Baobab focus on BRAND ENGAGEMENT THROUGH A VARIETY OF MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORMS with the goal towards gaining a longer term, emotional connection between the brand and the customer.

Our Mission

  • Managing, producing and supporting well organised events.
  • Exceed client expectations.
  • Work together with our clients.
  • To deliver our clients message to stakeholders.
  • To create tailored events to our clients needs.
  • To form a trustworthy partnership with our clients.

Baobab Tree1Our Vision

  • We will surpass our clients expectations with our honest and dedicated services.
  • To provide outstanding, personalized quality services and innovative ideas in an effort to give our clients the kind of service that will meet their objectives.

How do we fit into the integrated marketing communications plan?


Forming a trustworthy partnership with our clients

Baobab provides outstanding, personalized quality services and innovative ideas.
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